Nas - The Don (Massive Attack Remix)

this song has the congregation falling out in the aisles

This mix is solid goddamn gold.

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MARVEL Program for the 1966 New York Comic-Con 
Art by Jack Kirby

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Stan Winston models for the Howard the Duck movie.

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jack kirby + frank ray + artie simek + stan lee

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It’s been a rough week for many of us already, and it’s only Tuesday.  So I’m responding in the only way I really know…  By listening to music, playing records for friends, sharing what I love with others.

This track comes from The Temptations’ Puzzle People, a Top 10 album that spawned the #1 hit single ‘I Can’t Get Next To You’, contains a number of stone-cold classic tunes, and solidified the group’s transition from classic Motown soul to psychedelic proto-funk… 

And has been inexplicably out-of-print for most of the past forty years. 

It’s from an era when nobody thought it strange to lead off side two of an R&B album with a super-groovy cover of an easy-listening / country-western tune.  (Prefaced by 50 seconds of instrumental intro, no less.)

So yeah.  The Temptations covering ‘Little Green Apples’.  Listen.  If you like it, download it, play it for your friends, and pass it on. 

Listening to it always makes my day just a little better.  Hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

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Page from FANTASTIC FOUR #5 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott

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By Patrick A. Reed

Chip Kidd is a one of American publishing’s foremost graphic designers, a respected novelist and author in his own right, and a life-long comic book fan. He’s worked with DC Comics on a number of different projects over the years, writing histories, creating logos, designing books, and even authoring stories like 2012′s Batman: Death By Design graphic novel with Dave Taylor.  Recently, he produced a “remix” of the first-ever Batman story (which was originally slated to be published in DC’s “Detective Comics #27 Special Edition” giveaway, but ended up as a feature in the deluxe hardcover Batman: A Celebration Of 75 Years instead).

While at San Diego Comic-Con last month, we got a few minutes to drop by DC’s booth and talk with Kidd about Batman, his design work, and his current (and upcoming) projects.


I interviewed Chip Kidd at SDCC, and though there wasn’t a lot of time, got to touch on a few pretty interesting things…

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The Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo, by Mike Mignola

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